Blackwing Sighting: JAWS

I suppose it’s entirely apropos that the pencil is in “Matt Hooper’s”…well…jaws.

Thanks to reader Chris for the tip.

5 Responses to Blackwing Sighting: JAWS

  1. Matt says:

    We should measure the bite radius on this blackwing.

  2. Futural says:

    Sean, I haven´t checked this scene on Jaws but I hope to do it soon.
    I enjoy these moments when you find …something…, yesterday I was watching TV on those bored sundays nigths and I had a sighting on 1988 Sean Connery’s movie The Presidio, co-stars Meg Ryan and Mark Harmon. When Lt. Col. Alan Caldwell -Sean- and Jay Austin -Mark Harmon- visit the water bottling company for the firs time and Jenette Goldstein’s character Patti Jean Lynch hold up what appear to be a clear Blackwing.

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