Revenge of the Nerdwing


RN2Copyright © 1984 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

7 Responses to Revenge of the Nerdwing

  1. memm says:

    Do those pocket protectors really exist? …and which movie is that?

    • Sean says:

      It’s from a campy 1984 comedy called “Revenge of the Nerds”. Not sure about the pocket protectors. :)

      It looks like a pocket clip might be attached to the Blackwing.

  2. memm says:

    You know, that’s funny. Just recently I thought of attaching a mechanical pencil clip to a wooden pencil, as a handicraft project.
    Should look up what that movie is about.

  3. I’m not sure of this, but that clip on the Blackwing looks a *lot* like a Faultless Clip. I don’t know if they existed in the 80s, but if so, I have almost the exact setup clipped onto my messenger bag right now.😀

  4. Griffon says:

    I have a Blackwing sighting to share!
    In the spacial features section on the DVD of the Disney film “The black hole” theirs a documentary, “through the black hole”, which features Peter Ellenshaw, the visual effects designer for the movie, can be seen at the 0:14:01 mark holding everyone’s favorite pencil.
    Also in the movie the main protagonist ship is namd “Palomino” just a coincidence ?

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