I have seen more than a few “left-handed” pencils—that is to say, pencils whose labeling reads from the ferrule to the point. But it’s the “right-handed” pencil (for the adroit and dexterous among us) that seems much more common today.

The orientation of the ferrule on this mollydooker’s pencil is likely due to an error that occurred during assembly. I don’t know how frequently this happened but I imagine that the sinistral pencils were either weeded-out by quality control, or perhaps it happened infrequently enough that no one seemed to mind. The position of the imprint is a bit goofy, but you’d likely have no problem writing with this linkisch pencil.

This is the only one I’ve seen in person but I’ve heard tell of other lefty Blackwings, suggesting it’s a less-than-rare occurrence. I wonder, though, if the frequency correlates with something as localized as a particular production run, or if “Backwardwings” were evenly distributed across the Blackwing’s 65-year lifespan.